Data Backup Solutions

Data Backup Solutions from Spiral sitesHow safe is your data - Is it being backed up anywhere?

With Spiral sites backup services we can backup any amount of data that's critical to you and your business.

Your data is backed up to our data centre and then stored in a seperate location. This gives even greater security to your data.

All you need is a small program installed on your PC, Mac or Server. You then set what you want to back up, when you want it backed up and then the rest is done by the software.

Your peace of mind begins.

Your data is secure

Your data is backed up with industry standard encryption and compression techniques. You provide the password key that will encrypt your data and only you will know that key.

From our backup data centre location we can check that your backups have completed successfully and reached our servers in the format needed. This means should there be any issues we would be alerted and then in turn we can notify you to make sure no data is lost or backups are missed.

Our backup solution can back up from many different data sources:

  • Exchange Server
  • Exchange Mailbox
  • Windows Servers
  • Documents, Images etc.
  • MSSQL Server
  • MYSQL Server
  • Sharepoint
  • Outlook
  • Complete Laptop/Desktop Drives

If that dreadful day comes where your live data has been lost, stolen or corrupted and you need your data back from us you can restore your data by simply clicking a button. Prices start from £15 per month.

Please call us today at our Swindon offices on 0845 050 4878 or contact us for a quote

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