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Email anti-virus protection - Why is it so important?

Over half of UK businesses suffered from virus infections or denial of service attacks during the last year.

Companies are increasingly vulnerable to attack with as virtually all large companies sending email across the internet.

Most companies have virus protection, Despite this, 50% of UK businesses suffer from virus infection or denial of services attacks. 

Damage from virus incidents varied from less than a day's disruption and no cost to major disruption to services for a month or more.

Anti Spam - Why is it so important?

With email becoming so integral to business why let strangers utilize your resources and time for free?

With viruses it's easy to see how destructive they can be. With Spam it's not so clear, it's easy to dismiss unwanted emails as just a daily pain, below is why Spam should be taken far more seriously by business's.

"Unsolicited commercial email, or spam, has become a top email-related concern for organizations. Several estimates indicate that spam represents at least 80% of the messages corporations receive today, and this proportion is expected to continue to grow.

While often regarded as just a nuisance, spam can actually represent significant costs for organizations.

How does Spam effect me?

Not only does Spam take up valuable employee time and resources but also valuable bandwidth, which you pay for and is being eaten up by Spam. Spam can take up so much bandwidth that it slows your network down, which has a knock on effect on productivity on your network and with your employees.

Why have Anti Spam software?

Having an Anti Spam product in place would free up the time it takes employees to filter through the Spam that hits the network each day. With less bandwidth being taken up by the Spam the network is left to work far more productively with less slow down on the network.

So what can I do to stop Viruses & Spam?

All Spiral Sites email services have spam filtering in place to stop junk, Contact Spiral sites today to discuss what we can do to help you stop spam and viruses blocking up your mailbox on 01793 686381.