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Spiral Sites web based WYSIWYG HTML content management system provides you with an intuitive, easy to use interface for creating and publishing web content. Change your text, images, downloadable documents etc. 

Take control of your own web site

If like an increasing number of companies and individuals you want to take control of your web site without having to keep going to your web developer and have the ability to update and change your web site as frequently as you wish, Spiral Connex is for you.

Spiral Sites' web based WYSIWYG HTML content management system provides you with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for creating and publishing web content. Changes can be made to text, images, links, tables and downloadable documents. 

The Professional version also allows you to create new pages which dynamically generate a heading within the menu.

Keep your Internet shop front up to date with current information - don't let it become out of date. Our editor allows you to update your web site 24/7/365, with unlimited changes and users. We'll also be on hand to offer unlimited telephone support.

Spiral Connex is easy to use, available 24/7 from any PC, unlimited users and updates

It is similar to the look and feel of many of the well known word processing editors available today, with similar functionality. This gives you the freedom of creating and publishing web content that suits you whilst retaining your web site's look and feel. 
All our content management systems can be tailored to your requirements even if you already have a web site we can integrate it.

What you can do with Spiral Connex - content management system:

  • Create pages within folders to organise content more effectively 
  • Create your own page and folder structure
  • Edit all web page content
  • Preview web page changes before they are made live on the web site
  • Save changes part way through before publishing
  • Version control allows the ability to roll back pages to previous versions
  • Edit all search engine information such as keywords and details for each page
  • Manage all downloadable or link files held on the web sites such as pdf and documents etc.
  • Manage all images held on the web sites

If you would like to discuss how Spiral Connex can help you, please contact our Swindon, Wiltshire office here - contact us

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Our business relationship with Jon Eastwood, Spiral Sites, began way back in 2003 when he designed and hosted our 'original' website which was a great success. More recently, last year we decided on a complete overhaul. Again, Jon and his team were there to discuss and advise and we launched the 'new' site approximately a year ago. The Spiral Sites team are always totally professional and extremely helpful and after working with him and his team for 9 years would have no hesitation in recommending him and his company.
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